Guideline for Presentation

Guideline for Oral Presentation

Session talk (mostly 20min) include 5 min discussion time except for 3 min in 15 min talk. Please, leave the discussion time, following the bell for time keeping.

Time keeping

Bell 1 2 min before the end of talk
Bell 2 at the end of talk
Bell 3 at the end of presentation

To speakers

  • Please take a seat in the front row of the hall specially reserved for the speakers during your session.
  • Please bring up your own PC to the podium, and connect to the VGA-HDMI cable by yourself when you start your presentation.
  • Please make sure to test if your presentation slides are working properly prior to your presentation. You can test your presentation during breaks.
  • If you use a MAC PC or an ultrathin PC without VGA connection ports, please make sure that you bring a VGA-HDMI connector.
  • Make sure that you have your power cable, just in case your PC runs out of power during you presentation.
  • You will be responsible for advancing your slides during your presentation.
  • Please adhere to the allocated presentation time.
  • To deal with unforeseen circumstances, we strongly advise you to bring an extra copy of all your presentation files in a USB or to have a copy available on a suitable storage on the internet that is generally accessible.

Guideline for Poster Presentation

Guideline for Poster Presentation

Mounting 12:00 14:00, September 20 (Tue), 2016
*Please come to the registration desk before mounting.
Removal 12:00-13:00, September 22 (Thu), 2016
Venue Yamauchi Hall and Foyer (2nd floor), Shirankaikan in Kyoto University

*Please be informed that if you do not remove your poster during the removal time, all remaining posters on the board will be discarded afterwards.

Poster Session (Presentation time)

[Odd Poster Number] 12:40-13:10 (30 minutes), September 21 (Wed), 2016
[Even Poster Number] 13:10-13:40 (30 minutes), September 21 (Wed), 2016
*Please make presentation of your poster in front of your panel during this time.

Poster Award

The winner of the poster award will be announced at the General Assembly from 11:00 on September 22.

Open Time

  • 14:00-18:30, September 20
  • 09:00-18:05, September 21
  • 09:00-12:00, September 22

*The Poster Venue will re-open during the Reception time, 18:30-20:30, September 20 (Tue), for the participants of the Reception. The poster presenters do not have obligation to attend the Reception, however, the entrance to the Poster Venue is limited only to those who register and pay for the Reception and the invited lecturers. Without registration for the Reception, even the poster presenters / authors will not be allowed to enter the Poster Venue during the Reception time.

Poster size

PosterAvailable display area: W90cm x H210cm
Poster number will be assigned at the upper left corner of your board, and you are not able to use this area for your material.
Please include the title, affiliation, country and authors' name in your presentation material.
Please be noted that only thumb tacks are allowed to put your poster on the board.
The secretariat will provide the thumbtacks to put up the posters.